November 1st, 2023

The Benefits of Shade When It’s Shady: More Than Just Sun Protection for Home

When you think about sun protection for your home, awnings, and exterior shades may be the first thing that comes to mind. But did you know they offer more than just a respite from the sun’s rays? From adding an extra layer of UV protection to your home and skin, to extending the lifespan of your furniture and interior goods, these outdoor shading solutions are game changers. So, let’s dig in and see why investing in these sun control solutions is a bright idea all year round.

Sunbrella: Your Daily Skin Regime Booster

You might have heard that Sunbrella fabrics are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as part of a daily skincare routine. But what does that mean for you? Simply put, Sunbrella takes your UV protection to the next level by blocking harmful rays, reducing your risk of skin cancer and sunburn. Don’t take our word for it; check out Sunbrella’s in-depth article on how their fabrics give you a skin-care boost.

How UV Radiation Sneaks Through Even on Cloudy Days

Ever thought you’re safe from UV rays because it’s a cloudy day? Think again. Studies show that UV radiation can penetrate clouds and still put you at risk of skin damage and sunburn. It’s a sneaky nemesis, but awnings and drop shades are your stalwart allies in this ongoing battle. Awnings and drop shades help to reduce the amount of UV rays that reach your skin, protecting you from the harmful effects of the sun. Consider this a worthwhile investment in your health.

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Protect Your Valuables with Exterior Shades

It’s not just your skin that needs guarding. Your interior furniture, artwork, and electronics can fade over time due to sun exposure. Did you know that adding exterior shades to your windows or awnings to your home can block up to 65% of UV rays? That means your valuables get an extended lease on life.

Controlling Temperature and Energy Costs

Installing awnings and drop shades also give you extra control of the temperature inside your space, and with this, limits the need to run your AC by blocking heat from entering your windows, thus keeping your home cooler on those normally scorching days. Why not take control of your space, lower energy costs, while also adding curb appeal to the aesthetic of your home’s exterior? The benefits are endless!

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Light Modulation Is The Ultimate Game Changer for Indoor Spaces

Whether you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen or settling down for a movie night, having control over light exposure is crucial. Awnings and drop shades allow you to modulate the light coming into your space, creating the perfect ambiance for any activity. From boosting visibility to creating a cozy environment, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.
Don’t underestimate the multiple benefits that come with installing awnings and exterior shades. From stepping up your skin-care game to providing vital home UV protection, these sun control solutions are more than just outdoor decorations. They’re an investment in a healthier, more comfortable living space.
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