August 23rd, 2019

Top Advantages of Awnings

Awnings and Their Benefits

Want to increase the resale value of your home by enhancing its beauty and safety in a cost-effective way? Then awnings are probably the best option your missing out on. Awnings are a valuable addition to any home and you will find a lot of choices when it comes to awning design and style. Many homeowners install awnings because they know awnings make a significant difference in how their home is seen by neighbors and those passing by. Still, a lot of homeowners are not familiar with awnings and don’t know the impressive advantages awnings can bring to their homes. This article talks about the same; highlighting some of the most popular awnings forms like retractable awning, window awning, door awning, deck awnings, metal awning and canopy. Surprised to know that awnings come in so many forms? Let us share with you some more interesting information as well as the top advantages of awnings.

Why Should You Install Awnings in Your Home?

The primary purpose of the awnings is to conserve and protect your home from overbearing sun rays. Awnings provide shade, regardless if it’s hot or cold outside. Windows awnings especially, effectively combat the sunlight your home is exposed to. Though natural light is good to have in your home, but an excessive amount of sunlight can be distracting but also unpleasant. Another purpose of awnings is that it enhances the sense of a visual value that is admired by your neighbors. Awnings are available in varied sizes and shapes so you can easily find the one for your home.

The Awnings Placement

In terms of awning placement, you have a lot of options to choose from. Maybe the most common and popular option for awning placement is above a home or front door. The front door awning has its own benefits, while retractable awnings, window awnings, deck awnings, metal awnings and canopies are also known for their extraordinary qualities.

Top Advantages of Awnings

1. Protection from External Elements

For any homeowner, the home is like a baby that should be well taken care of; after all, it’s the place where we all land to rest and get refreshed at the end of the day. Also, being one of the most expensive investments, your home should be your priority when it comes to its safety and maintenance. Awnings are one of the best ways to ensure the same as they offer significant protection to your home from a lot of external factors, especially the extreme weather. The weather is constantly changing in most parts of the world, which implies that there is always a chance of precipitation; one of the external factors that affect your home value. Front door awnings for instance, in such a case, can offer you a relief from the elements as you start your day or just to enjoy the fresh air. Having such awnings, you won’t have to worry about rushing to take your key into the door or take your umbrella down. In addition, awning will also keep you safe from falling debris.

2. Cost Saving

If you are looking for ways to decrease your AC bills and protect the interior finishing from the harsh rays of the sun, adding awnings is a great option to consider.

In warm weather, most people prefer using AC throughout the day to get relief from hot weather to remain comfortable. Though it’s a practical solution, using your AC at high and leaving it at the same level throughout the day will cost you greatly. If you do the same, you shouldn’t be surprised to see the sky-high energy bills at the end of the month. If you have a front door awning let’s say, it will help you cut your energy consumption down as it provides protection to your home from those dangerous UV rays. This eventually makes your home cooler even before you turn your AC on. With awnings, you won’t need to turn your ACs up nearly as high as you usually would.

Retractable awnings can greatly decrease your home’s AC consumption in summers, saving on average $200 per year, as revealed in a study by The Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA). In addition, as recommended by The American Society of Heating & Air Conditioning Engineers, homeowners should use movable or optimized external shading tools like awnings, overhangs, and side fins as a tool to minimize the heat load on buildings and homes. For instance, a fabric awning installed in the southern-faced glass doors or windows, decreases heat gain by up to 65 percent during peak sun hours. For western exposures, this percentage jumps to 75.

3. Awnings Are Environment Friendly

The fact that awnings save your AC cost by letting you cut your AC consumption down, makes it an eco-friendly option too. Less energy usage in your home decreases the effect of global warming due to the greenhouse gas emissions they emit. As awnings let you use less energy to make your home cooler, you help the environment at the same time while saving money on your electricity bills.

4. Prevention from Water Damage

Water can be the biggest obstacle when considering how to protect your home from the outside elements. Frequent exposure to water makes buildings start sealing faster, while also providing a suitable environment for pests. Did you know that excessive moisture in your home also leads to the growth of mold? Molds cause various health ailments like nasal stuffiness, coughing, throat irritation wheezing, eye irritation, and skin irritation. People with mold allergies can encounter even more severe reactions. But how can you prevent your home from being exposed to excessive moisture and molds? The answer could be an awning!

Awnings protect your home’s door casings, doors, and window frames from the damage caused by rainwater and precipitation. The rain water when absorbed by your home’s doors and windows, starts accumulating within the roots and damaging it faster. When you use an awning over an open window, for instance, it will stop the rainwater from leaking inside and spoiling the windowsill.

Looking into the Details of Different Types of Awnings & Their Pros

1. Retractable Awnings

The retractable awning can retract i.e. you can fold it when required. The retractable awning is available in many slope forms, which helps protect from weather. The water-resistant fabric of the retractable awning makes it best for hail storms and rain. Since these awnings are not fixed, you can retract them if the wind is strong enough to take them away. Being more flexible, retractable awnings have high longevity. The retractable awnings are used for all types of outdoor areas such as seating areas and patios.

2. Window Awning

Window awnings add value, style, and function to your home. They let you put windows higher than many other kinds of windows. Window awnings installed high will enable proper natural light flow and ventilation, while still ensuring maximum privacy for your home. They improve your energy bill while adding a dose of flare and convenience. Higher-placed windows lead to more wall space that can be utilized in design, furniture, and art placement. Window awnings protect the building from rainwater and moisture, even during a hailstorm or rainstorm. Window awnings are built in a way to ensure maximum ventilation without letting the water enter your home. These awnings also provide a strong seal against wind.

3. Door Awning

The most apparent advantage of a front door awning is that it protects the home from the outside elements. Whether you are in front of the door looking for your keys in the downpour or your guests are there waiting for you to welcome them at the door on an extremely sweltering day, an awning is both practical and welcoming. With time, the front door and steps would be less susceptible to wear and tear and the effects of rotting.

The front door awning also protects the furniture and other furniture items in the living areas. Since the awning stops harmful UV sun rays from penetrating into the home, rugs, art, wall paint and other accessories will remain free from damage and fading that direct sun may cause. A front door awning results in a unique visual appeal and serves as an upgrade to the exterior of the home, particularly if you have selected the one that enhances and matches with the architectural style of your home. A front door awning also creates a pleasant, safe outdoor space to sit and gives a warm welcome to your guests.

4. Deck Awning

This is a kind of retractable awning that is mainly installed for patio protection. Most homeowners install deck awnings to have shade they provide over the decks, making time spent on patios and outdoors more enjoyable and comfortable. The deck awnings also provide shade to the interior of the home. Air conditioners don’t have to work hard to cool the home due to the protection awnings provide, resulting in reduced energy costs. Deck awnings providing shade to some rooms in your house also means the fabrics and furniture normally exposed to the direct sun are no longer prone to the sun’s lightening effect, or to drying out.

5. Metal Awning

A metal awning is the most durable awning available. Unlike awnings made from fabric, the metal awnings, for instance the aluminum awnings, can hold a lot of pounds of solid precipitation like snow, sleet, or hail. Some models are rated to bear the hurricane strength winds. Many fabric awnings are developed just for providing the protection from sunlight. They are built to be folded up or rolled when moderate levels of precipitation are anticipated.

Metal awnings are cost-effective means to offer both protection and shade for any area around the home. As compared to the cloth models, aluminum awnings have proven to be cooler underneath, giving better protection from rain and sun, and can stay much longer (in certain cases, metal awnings can stay for over 50 years). The excessive sunlight stopped by an aluminum awning over a window reflects the heat and harmful UV rays.

6. Canopies

Canopies serve as an excellent, durable, and permanent solution for spending long periods of time outside during summer events. It is a wonderful way to enjoy your patio or backyard without any of the adverse effects of weather. You can escape the harsh sun rays or wet weather with ease. A canopy attached to your home also stops the sun from getting into your home, thus it helps decrease your home’s overall temperature. It cools down your home in summer, resulting in lesser usage of air conditioning.

In terms of entertainment, a canopy may include lighting, heaters, fans, and other electrical items to make it a perfect place for outside entertainment, irrespective of the weather. It makes a great spot for summer fun parties; workout sessions or get-togethers.

Canopies add value to the resale value to your home as a result of having a larger living space; a fact that adds convenience and style to your home.

We hope you loved learning about several types of awnings and how important it is to have one for your home. Accent Awnings has everything to offer when it comes to your awnings needs. Browse through our wide range of awnings and get the best one for you.