April 15th, 2021

Key Benefits of a Patio Drop Shade System

One of the most sought-after advantages of living in warmer climates is the opportunity to spend more time outdoors. Hot and sunny weather also means we need to make sure our yards have plenty of shade to keep our guests cool and protect our children and pets from the sun. 

If you have already installed an awning in your yard and are looking to escape the sun from other angles, look no further than a drop shade system. Here are some practical, stylish ways to add shade to your outdoor living areas so that your patio, swimming pool area, or other entertaining spaces are comfortable and accessible all year.


Drop shades are used to keep the heat out of a room. These are also useful for adding privacy to an outdoor living area in the backyard. They’re more durable than the roller shades because they’re made of screen mesh rather than cotton. They provide instant shade when you need it and retract to allow the sun to shine in when you want it. It can also be used to block glare from entering a neighboring space.

Drop shades are similar to retractable window awnings, but they lack side rails and therefore do not have bug protection. They are operated by a cord, much like indoor blinds. One disadvantage of these is the lack of screen cover when not in use, as they do not have housing to retract.


Drop shades provide functional visual privacy as well as acting as a weather security system. The patio drop shade is ideal for the patio roof or conservatory due to the fabric’s slope. The material is better covered against dust and soiling when retracted in the cassette box. Extending the patio drop shade is very easy. 

The greater the amount of light that passes through the shade or blind, the less privacy the window covering provides. Blind slats, on the other hand, can be modified to let more light in while maintaining good privacy—at least when viewed from a distance. A sheer shade can let in a lot of light, but it must be lifted to let in maximum light, exposing the entire window. A room-darkening fabric can have the most protection, thus blocking the most light. Room-darkening shades are standard for home theater installations because of their light-blocking properties.

Some shade manufacturers have introduced dual shades, which lower a light-filtering fabric when you want a lot of light but just a little privacy. Then drop a space-darkening material behind it when you want the most privacy and the least amount of light into the room.


Another advantage of a patio side screen is that it allows you to see outside while maintaining visual privacy thanks to the optional viewing area. The fabric’s transparency allows for an unobstructed view of the outside while also providing wind and weather protection.


It’s what you can’t see that affects you when it comes to sunshine. The infrared spectrum is the portion of the light that gives you the feeling of being cooked. And there’s ultraviolet radiation, which accounts for just a tiny part of the spectrum but is responsible for sunburn.

While the physics at work in sunlight is complex, the solution is clear and age-old: shadow.

It’s simple to construct, and it’s simple to maintain. Most importantly, it protects you from the sun’s harmful rays while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. When it comes to providing shade from the summer heat, you have various choices for both the home and the backyard.

Drop shade screens are a PVC-coated polyester synthetic mesh that is rugged and long-lasting.

This fabric is designed to minimize heat transfer through windows while also reducing glare and harmful UV rays. This solar screen material reduces energy costs and protects your indoor furnishings while blocking the sun’s rays. Look for brands that offer fire-resistant materials and are resistant to fading from constant exposure to the sun. 

You can’t go wrong with a Sunbrella brand product. When used in shade applications, Sunbrella fabrics have been tested and proven to provide up to 98 percent UV protection from the sun’s harmful effects. The Skin Cancer Foundation, an international organization, committed to skin cancer prevention, has given Sunbrella fabrics the “Seal of Recommendation.” Darker fabrics with more depth of color have more security than whites and lighter-colored fabrics. The product’s protective factor is built-in, and it will not be diminished by use or fabric exposure to the sun.


By preventing heat and UV rays from reaching the window, exterior sun shades are the most efficient solution to high temperatures inside the house. Drapes, interior blinds, and window tinting are ineffective because the harmful rays have already reached the room and dissipated as heat. On a hot day, shading the outside of your home will reduce summer temperatures by as much as 20 degrees, saving you money on electricity.

Low sun (rising or setting) could be a problem if you have a western-facing deck or patio.

The low sun will force you back inside, even though your retractable motorized awning offers excellent overhead cover. One of the most important sources of heat gain in your home is through windows and doors.

Any external shading device’s key benefit is that it blocks the sun before it reaches your house. The use of either thermal screen or opaque acrylic awning fabric has several advantages, including reducing minor wear and tear on carpets, chairs, and drapes, as well as improved privacy.


Sunbrella fabric comes in over 150 different designs and shades, so you’re sure to find one that complements your home’s exterior while still coordinating with its interior. You can choose from traditional solids and stripes to modern combinations of designer hues to find the perfect fabric for your home. Even better, Sunbrella furniture fabrics can be used to match your awning with your deck or patio furniture. You can be sure that your awnings will look great for years to come because all Sunbrella fabrics are easy to clean and fade-resistant. 

Most manufacturers can also customize the exterior color or coatings of a drop shade system. You’ll find most models available in traditional styles and finishes, such as brown, cream, and white. Don’t be afraid to ask your manufacturer what customization options are available and how much they will add to your final bill. 


Polyester mesh or acrylic canvas cloth is used in outdoor roller shades.

A roller-track system is used to retract and extend this form of a retractable awning.

The roller awning is an unusual example of a vertical blind turned sideways. It can be used as patio shade, deck shade, or some other form of backyard shade. 

A roller awning uses a motor, cord, and pulley system to transfer the shade in and out. A roller shade works precisely as it sounds: a motorized roller spins to unwind a sheet of fabric to cover the window, then reverses direction to draw the sheet back onto the roller, revealing the window.

The fabric rolls up and down along vertical stainless steel guide wires to provide excellent & durable protection against heat, solar damage, inclement weather, and even stray golf balls. A weighted bottom bar holds the fabric in place as well. Unlike a box and track system, the drop shade can be placed on uneven surfaces such as rock, concrete, slanted fascia, and under eaves. The stainless-steel fittings used in the fabrication and installation of the hardware ensure that they can last almost indefinitely.

Use your remote control to control your awning from anywhere and move it to the perfect location at the touch of a button. Your remote control is weatherproof and shockproof, making it suitable for use outdoors. For automating retractable awnings and rolling drop shades, Somfy® (RTS) is the best choice. The radio receiver is built into the motor in Somfy’s RTS line, removing any wiring between the motor and the controls, and allowing for fast and easy installation. RTS motors and controls from Somfy combine revolutionary architecture and optimal technological features with the dependability, robust construction, and maintenance-free characteristics of our regular LT and manual override motors.


Few things are more pleasurable than unwinding in the backyard. When the weather is poor, however, it can be challenging to enjoy the outdoors. A drop shade or waterproof canopy is the perfect solution! You can cover yourself from the sun and rain and make outdoor areas enjoyable again by installing one of these devices. You can also enhance your backyard’s appearance and build an entirely new outdoor living area to enjoy all year.