August 3rd, 2020

Drop Shade Models: Which Is Best for Your Home?

What’s not to love about summer? From family BBQs to afternoons spent by the poolside, there’s plenty to look forward to each year. That’s not to mention lounging on the patio or deck with the perfect drink.

Of course, there’s a fine line between a lazy summer afternoon and a blistering backyard experience.

Fortunately, you don’t have to avoid a sweltering southern or western exposure during the summer months. There are many beautiful drop shade models available to shield you from the elements.

They provide cooling shade as well as a respite from prying eyes. Yet, they don’t detract from your view.

Ready for a break from the heat while still soaking up nature? It’s time to explore one of the most effective and affordable patio shading options on the market.

Here’s a full breakdown of how drop shade systems work and what you should look for when shopping for various models.


Did you know that spending time in nature has therapeutic benefits? Numerous studies have proven that being outdoors, particularly in green spaces, helps people recover more quickly from stress. It also mitigates depression and a variety of other mental health issues.

This fact proves just as true for kids as it does for adults. 

Of course, the idea of hanging out in the backyard can seem laughable during the summer. Particularly if you’re in an area where temperatures go through the roof during the hottest months. 

But you can take back your deck, patio, or backyard with the simple addition of a patio drop shade system. They come with countless benefits, including improved patio usability, increased comfort, and the blocking of harmful UV rays. 

What’s more, you can maintain your view. Drop patio shades come in a variety of opacities. That means they block the sun’s UV rays, yet the material is still open enough that you can enjoy your outside view unobstructed. 


Besides permitting you to retain your view while still shielding your family from UV rays, drop shades also come with many advantages. They deter sun glare, which we all know can hamper your enjoyment of time spent outside.

That means no more frantic searching for your sunglasses. You’ll savor a wonderful exterior area experience free from harmful UV rays and annoying glare.

Drop shade awnings can be customized to fit any space. After all, not all outdoor spaces are shaped the same.

They require different installment options and sizes. Patio shades can even be installed into traditional shades, mounted flush inside window frames.

You may also wish to install the shades outside the window frame on the wall, the ceiling, or the window mounting. Think outside of the box to get the most versatility and compatibility.

When you work with an experienced installer, you gain complete control over the amount of sun coming into a given area. With a simple button press or quick turn of the wrist, change the ambiance or the temperature.

As you explore drop shade options, remember that they come in various types, including manual and automatic systems. Both systems come with the convenience of controlling the amount of shade you’d like. Just extend or retract your patio shades as needed. 


What should you look for when it comes to an efficient and affordable drop shade system? Start by finding a company that offers warranties for its products. Standard warranty timeframes include five years for an electronic warranty and ten years for fabric and mesh.

You’ll also want to find products crafted of the highest quality materials. That means fabric that’s durable and weather-resistant. To ensure you get the best exterior shades for your home, make sure you also choose a product that comes in a variety of colors.

For example, Sunbrella-certified awning fabric is renowned for its pleasing esthetics, resistance to weather and fading, and choice of more than 150 colors and patterns. They also offer a variety of drop shade system screen samples. 

Besides fabric, decide whether manual or automatic drop shades make more sense for your home. If you choose automatic shades, make sure that you invest in a motor system with proven durability. 

A fantastic brand to choose remains Somfy, the world’s leading manufacturer of specialized retractable awning motors. For three decades, they’ve been crafting quality, high-performance engines and electronics for shades and awning systems. 

They also design a wide array of awning electronics. All are tested for compliance with specific electricity standards for buildings and performance standards defined by Somfy. 

With these markers of quality identified, let’s take a look at the best drop shade types on the market.


Finding the perfect drop shade system for your home involves a variety of factors. From esthetic concerns to durability, it’s essential to do your research carefully before making a purchase. 

Fortunately, we’ve done much of it for you. Here are standout models that you should consider as you shop for the best system for your unique needs.


Sun-Pro Patio Drop Shades provide heavy-duty shade. They’re built for large areas such as stucco overhangs, entrance ways, and patio lattice structures. They also work well for coverage in any open space where the tracks can be mounted vertically.

The system contains a streamline five-inch box and a larger roller tube, which allows heights of up to 18 feet and widths of up to 25 feet. Sun-Pro drop shades come in a variety of hardware colors, too.

The shades are made from Sunbrella-certified fabric, which means you can find the precise shade to complement your home’s exterior. This drop shade system offers the most extensive options and applications in the industry. 


If you love the Sun-Pro drop shade system but need a pared-down version for a smaller space, look no further than the Sun-Pro Jr. This smaller version of the original Sun-Pro drop shade system includes a more compact four-inch box.

Designed to be the perfect door or window shade solution, it’s ideal for openings no larger than ten feet wide and ten feet high. It also works well in spaces where the clearance above a window or door is a concern. 


Patio-Pro Sun Shades have been manufactured since 1978. They remain one of the most popular exterior rolling shades on the market. 

Over the years, Patio-Pro shades have been upgraded, streamlined, and improved. That means you can take advantage of more than four decades of fine-tuning.

The Patio-Pro is designed for enclosed stucco balconies, windows, doors, and wood lattice covers. This model provides instant protection from the sun’s UV rays and glare, and it creates instant shade. 


During the summer months, do you and your family avoid going outside because of sweltering temperatures and intense glare? If so, then it’s time to take back your backyard, patio, or deck.

It’s time to invest in patio shading options. Your family will thank you for it. And you’ll also reap the therapeutic benefits of spending more time in nature. 

What’s more, when you invest in drop shade awnings, you nix one of the largest sources of heat gain in your house. So, expect to see savings when it comes to air conditioning. In fact, shades are proven to drop interior temperatures by approximately 20 degrees. 

Shades prevent damaging UV rays, which fade and destroy furniture and interior window coverings. Unlike interior shades, exterior drop shades shield your home from damage before it ever begins by blocking UV rays before they pass through glass. 


The sun’s energy gets delivered in three ways: UV rays, visible rays, and infrared rays. These rays contribute to heat, fading, and glare. They damage a variety of surfaces, from draperies to furniture and home decor. 

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that interior shading devices don’t protect against these damaging rays. Instead, the rays get transmitted into the house through short-wave radiation capable of piercing glass. 

Once they touch any surface, they are absorbed and converted into thermal radiation. This phenomenon causes interior temperatures to rise. It’s a miniature version of the “Greenhouse Effect.”

Fortunately, when you invest in a high-quality drop shade system, you stop these rays before they enter your home and do harm. 


Is your family ready to experience the many benefits of drop shade models? As you can see, you’ve got a wide variety of options. This makes choosing the ideal model for your home easier than ever. 

When you work with a fantastic, experienced awning and shade company, they can provide you with a customized solution for your home. Contact us to learn more about the best drop shade systems and the right one for your residence.