July 30th, 2020

Which Stationary Awning Model Is Perfect for Your Home?

There’s nothing like catching a few rays during the summer months. That said, intense sunlight and glare can ruin an otherwise pleasant home experience. Unmitigated sun exposure can also lead to faded window coverings and high air conditioning bills. 

The sun’s rays alone account for approximately 20 percent of the load on your air conditioner. Fortunately, fixed or retractable awnings can reduce a home’s air conditioning bills by an estimated $200 each year. 

Installing stationary awning features comes with countless advantages. They provide added charm and curb appeal while making homes more livable during the summer months. In other words, they prove both highly functional and fashionable. 

Here’s what you should look for as you begin shopping for the perfect patio covers and stationary awnings for decks. 


Many factors go into purchasing awnings for your home. You’ll need to consider a handful of questions before deciding on the best model for your backyard or patio. If you’ve never purchased an awning for your home before, these become even more critical.

For starters, you need a thorough understanding of the many uses of awnings. They are far more practical than many people realize. 

Colorful awnings can make an impression when guests visit. They can ramp up your overall curb appeal and aesthetic and even raise the value of your home. In particular, shed-style or dome awnings have significant visual appeal because of their unusual designs.

For these reasons, many homeowners opt to have several awnings in different locations. 


How do you make a decision when it comes to the right awnings for your home? Start by considering your lifestyle and the region in which you live. For example, if you’ve got an active family and live in a hot climate, you’ll need a large, durable patio or deck awning. 

That way, you can keep areas of the backyard or patio shaded during the hottest parts of the day. This extra shade will mean the difference between having to stay cooped up inside and enjoying your deck or yard. 

Consider a smaller awning with a nylon coating for homeowners who live in areas that see heavy precipitation regularly. This coating will protect your awning from mold, debris, and rainfall.


The awning that you ultimately choose should be a feature that stands out to neighbors and guests. It should inspire admiration around the neighborhood. 

So, carefully consider the right color, style, and material to match your home’s exterior. You’ll also want to find a material that can hold up to lots of rain and humidity, especially if you live on the coast. 

Our favorite material for awnings? Sunbrella-certified material.

The fabric is fade-resistant and easy to clean. If you’re in a climate that gets heavy precipitation, rest assured Sunbrella will still do the trick. It’s mold, mildew, and water-resistant.

Sunbrella fabric is also time-resistant, with an estimated lifespan of ten years. Yet, it’s eco-friendly, requiring minimal energy and water waste during the fabrication process.

Best of all, it comes in more than 150 styles and colors. With so many gorgeous options for indoors and outdoors, you can design shades that match your home’s singular style. Because of the material’s flexibility, you can craft an entire outdoor room to look like an interior room.

Get ready to ramp up your exterior style! What’s more, awnings featuring Sunbrella fabric will keep you and your family cool and comfortable for many years to come. 

Besides fabric, look for awnings with a powder-coated frame for added durability. Last but not least, go with an awning company that stands behind its manufacturing quality with a five- to ten-year warranty on their products. 


Stationary awnings are fantastic if you have a small patio area or would like to add shading around windows and doors. They also work well for families who don’t spend as much time outside. 

Before installing stationary awnings, decide which areas need the most sun protection. Remember that stationary awnings aren’t limited to backyards and patios, either.

They represent a stylish upgrade for windows and doors, too. Once installed, never worry about fiddling with their placement or pitch again. 

Unlike retractable awnings, you’ll never have to stress over electronics or motors, either.  When it comes to outdoor shade solutions, it doesn’t get any easier or more attractive.

You also avoid costs associated with maintaining motors and dealing with dirt and debris that can get lodged in the awning when folded or rolled up.


You’ve got a better idea of the questions to ask before deciding on the right awning for your home. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best models available. 

Each of these models is custom-designed and manufactured to your required specifications. They boast Sunbrella-certified fabric and come in a choice of 25 powder-coated frame colors.

Each model boasts a ten-year warranty, which will give you peace of mind about your investment. 


Riviera awnings are both economical and stylish. They remain among the most popular window covering options in places like Southern California and with good reason.

They’re both effective and cost-efficient. Evocative of early American architecture, Riviera awnings add character and depth to your home.

Depending on your choice of hue or pattern, you can use these awnings to make a strong statement. They provide the perfect sun shielding for windows and contribute to reduced air conditioning requirements during the summer. 


If you’re looking for a distinctly European feel, consider Dome awnings. These charming structures complement the beauty of your home while providing an Old World vibe.

They can be customized to match various architectural contours. They include hard-to-fit recessed arches and rounded windows. 

One popular variation of Dome awnings is the Long Dome awning, which is ideal for those who wish to balance the visual appeal of the dome shape with limited overhead clearance. 


For homes with an attractive Mediterranean vibe, consider Spear and Decorative fixed window awnings. This option is a stylish admixture of French and Italian esthetic themes and represents a rebirth of ancient Roman design. 

These fixed awnings look amazing. They accent windows and doors, adding both contemporary and classic elements. The wrought iron “spears” of the design are durable, attractive, and versatile. 

These awnings add distinctive appeal to your home, providing the perfect finishing touches.


Are you a fan of the esthetic found in the French Quarter in New Orleans? If so, then consider Orleans awnings for an elegant statement. 

These fixed window awnings are both affordable and stylish. They transform simple windows and doors into charming decorative elements, providing overall sophistication and beauty. 


This last category of awnings is commonly utilized by businesses, particularly high-end restaurants. But they also have many applications for your home. 

Custom awnings can be either free-standing or fixed. They protect against UV rays and inclement weather while providing cooling shade.

They provide a convenient and affordable alternative to carports, poolside cabanas, extended balcony covers, and even room enclosures. Custom designs are ideal for stationary awnings for decks or stationary patio awnings, too. 


The stationary awnings above boast the highest quality materials, and each comes with a ten-year limited warranty. That way, you can feel secure about your investment.

Depending on the aesthetic of your home, you can find the perfect awnings to enhance your home. With styles as diverse as Orleans and Spear and Decorative awnings, you’ve got plenty of fantastic choices.

When coupled with Sunbrella-certified materials in a wide selection of colors and patterns, you can custom design the perfect shade coverings for your property and lifestyle. 

Whether you’re looking for stationary window awnings, stationary awnings for decks, or a stationary patio awning, you’ve got a wide selection of choices. These options permit you to balance utility with exterior esthetics while sticking to a budget.

What’s more, a stationary awning can reduce heat gain in south-facing homes by 55 to 65 percent and 72 to 77 percent for western exposures. In other words, you’ve got significant savings at stake. 


Before committing to an investment in stationary awning features for your home, consult an expert. They’ll walk you through the various advantages of each model and assist you in selecting the best fabric color or print to enhance your home’s exterior. 

Then, get ready for the compliments to pour in as neighbors and visitors admire the unique touches you’ve added to your home. Not only will awnings ramp up your curb appeal, but they’ll lead to significant savings and much greater comfort during the summer months, both outdoors and indoors. 

Are you ready to find out more about the cost of stationary awnings? Contact us to discuss your solar protection needs and home esthetic concerns.