June 15th, 2021

How Awnings Build Privacy for Your Home and Backyard

Awnings can add a kind of seclusion to your deck or backyard patio that goes beyond any basic wood barrier. Creating this kind of privacy may require a few innovative design solutions. For example, your deck might benefit from a well-designed planter or an elegant woven fence. Awnings can help you take your privacy to another level by not only framing your patio but also giving overhead coverage and protection, as well as adding style and value to your backyard.


Patio awnings are an ideal solution for adding some privacy to your backyard. If your home layout leaves your backyard exposed to upstairs neighbors or extreme exposure to the elements, a couple of well-placed awnings can fix all your problems. 

For many of us, our back patios become the most popular outdoor room in our houses during the summer. A retractable awning will turn your patio into the ultimate summer place, making those backyard barbecues and lazy summer evenings even more delightful. They can also be programmed to automatically deploy, providing shade in the day as well as much-required privacy in the evening.

Retractable awnings are and should be viewed as an investment. That is because the cost for a retractable awning is significantly higher than a stationary awning. This is not necessarily a bad thing though, as a quality retractable awning will actually increase the value of your home.

Drop shade systems like retractable awnings are the fancy sports cars of the awning world. They can be customized, upgraded, and improved with elaborate electronics. They are great at providing shade and protecting outdoor and indoor furniture, but they allow you to customize how much shade you are getting and when. Retractable awnings can come in either a manual form or a fancy motorized version. 

If adequately built with sensors, a motorized retractable awning can protect itself from inclement weather conditions. There are sensors available that can measure wind, rain, and the sun and adjust the settings of your awning accordingly. Not only do they make awning ownership somewhat mindless, they also protect you from unexpected visits from mother nature.

This feature means you won’t have to repair or replace your awning or its components as often as you might with a stationary unit. Stationary options are more likely to be damaged in storms, while the retractable versions can use sensors to protect from high winds and debris.

These awnings can also avoid constant sun damage while you retract them, making them less susceptible to fading. Awnings can also save your furniture and flooring from fading in the summer sun. You can get a sensor that will detect when water begins to pool on top of the awning for heavy rain. Generally speaking, retractable awnings have longer lifespans than stationary awnings.

One of the most attractive features of a motorized retractable awning is the ability to control it remotely. Whether you choose to adjust the awning while lounging in your backyard or lower it from the inside to block the setting sun, it is a luxurious feature. Some awnings even have app integration, so you can control them remotely from your phone or tablet devices.

Retractable awnings can save you money over the length of their life. As your awning shades your home, it lowers the inside temperature of your home up to 15 degrees. This stops your air conditioners from running constantly. While these awnings a