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Here at Accent Awnings, we believe in delivering the highest quality awning products to our customers. Part of that belief is knowing that a quality product is not just the whole, but the sum of its parts. While we do manufacture most parts used in our awning products, we don’t make everything. We do believe in partnering with the best companies to provide us the parts we don’t make on our own. One of the components we outsource is the fabrics used in our awnings, both stationary and retractable.

We are proud to partner with Sunbrella to bring you the highest quality fabrics on the market today. These fabrics are the top-of-the-line in terms of sun resistance, weatherproofing, and longevity. Let’s take a deeper look at the world of Sunbrella fabrics and how we use their product to make top-of-line awnings in the United States.

The Sunbrella Advantage

Sunbrella fabric is available in over 150 styles and since all Sunbrella awning fabrics are easy to clean and fade-resistant. You can be comfortable with the knowledge that your awning will look beautiful for years to come.

Sewing Advantage

Your “Certified New Generation Sunbrella” awning fabrics are constructed using our revolutionary Advanced Automated Sewing Guidance System (AASGS) that perfectly aligns seams while outputting an amazing 2,260 stitches per minute. This Italian-crafted technology ensures the highest quality awning production in California.

Cutting Technology Advantage

Our Advanced Automated Cutting System (AACS) ensures each fabric panel is cut laser straight & perfectly sealed. Almost every other awning company imperfectly hand cuts their fabrics with a hot-knife or scissors along an imperfectly marked line using a large ruler and a grease pencil.

Testing Technology Advantage

Sunbrella fabric’s manufacturing facilities are without parallel. The 1-million-sq. ft. Anderson, South Carolina facility features a completely vertical ISO 9001 and 14001 certified manufacturing operation, R&D center, and testing lab that’s landfill-free and that produces fabric unsurpassed in performance and quality.

Sunbrella’s Commitment to Performance

Comfort, strength, and style for the places you live in. Let’s see what makes Sunbrella such a high-quality brand.


Sunbrella performance fabrics are made for living, standing up to wear with long-lasting strength.


Comfortable, soft to the touch performance fabrics are designed to enjoy and take on everyday living.

Easy Maintenance

Sunbrella performance fabrics are easy to clean, stain-resistant, and bleach cleanable for the toughest messes.

Color Stability

Sunbrella performance fabrics boast diverse, rich colors that stay brilliant with built-in UV protection and fade resistance.

Weather & Water Resistant

Sunbrella outdoor fabric is engineered to withstand Mother Nature, resisting the harmful effects of exposure to the sun, rain, humidity.

Fade Proof & UV Resistant

Stabilized UV and color pigments prevent Sunbrella fabrics from fading, as well as becoming damaged and breaking down.

Mold & Mildew Resistant

All Sunbrella fabrics are resistant to mold and mildew. Should exposure to dirt, debris, sun lotion or other elements cause mold or mildew to occur, simply spot clean with a bleach solution.

Stain Resistant

Sunbrella fabrics are engineered with built-in stain resistance and a protective finish that won’t wash away, standing up to life’s toughest messes.

Quality Warranty

Sunbrella fabrics are the promise of quality, comfort, and peace of mind. We value making fabrics with a complete performance that stand up to everyday life. That’s why Sunbrella is confident in standing behind every fabric with comprehensive warranties, including a 5-year limited warranty for upholstery fabrics covering loss of strength or color due to normal usage and exposure.

Service with a Smile

Sunbrella values making fabrics with a complete performance that stands up to everyday life. That’s why Sunbrella is confident in standing behind every fabric with a 5-year limited warranty for upholstery fabrics, and a 10-year limited warranty for shade and marine fabrics.

Sunbrella fabrics promise quality, comfort, and peace of mind – and their customer care team is no different. Their expert care team is just a phone call away any time you need help, setting Sunbrella apart from the rest.

Sunbrella’s Environmental Initiatives and Commitment to Sustainability

Sunbrella products are rooted in sustainability throughout the manufacturing of fiber, yarn, and fabrics. Their dedication to quality ensures that you are getting a product that lasts longer and needs to be replaced less frequently, ultimately creating less waste for the planet. In all the markets we serve, Sunbrella products hold their color and strength, outlasting traditional fabrics time and time again.

Each yard of Sunbrella performance fabric is a product of a global support team committed to producing only the most exceptional performance textiles on the market today. Sunbrella fabrics are made with close attention to design detail and engineered with robust performance characteristics that make them easy to care for and last for years; whether they are used indoors, outdoors, or on the water.

The Sunbrella Renaissance

Through technology and determination, Sunbrella has started a revolution in the world of fabrics. The manufacturing process of fabric through its final use often produces leftover fiber, yarn, and fabric; from Sunbrella manufacturing facilities as well as from the cutting tables of our various customers. Sunbrella took on the challenge of finding this waste a new purpose – and the Renaissance yarn program was born.

Renaissance Yarn

Renaissance yarns combine up to 50% of this postindustrial recycled Sunbrella fiber. The waste is segmented into color groups, reduced back to its fiber state, and then mixed with Sunbrella virgin fiber before making its way back through the fabric manufacturing process. The fiber blend helps ensure that the product meets stringent Sunbrella performance standards.

Sunbrella Renaissance yarns create the occasional, natural variation of shade or specks of color thanks to their unique composition, adding to the visual interest of the fabric. The result is a textile with vintage charm, rich coloration, soft feel, and excellent performance.

Zero Waste to Landfill

No Sunbrella manufacturing facility in the world sends waste to a landfill. As a result of our focus on efficiency and extensive reuse and recycling efforts, this initiative allows for Sunbrella manufacturing to lead by example by putting sustainability into practice every day across the globe.

Wastewater Reduction

Sunbrella solution-dyed, upholstery fabrics reduce wastewater compared to the conventional coloring processes.

Solar Power

Glen Raven owns and operates solar arrays at the plants in Anderson, South Carolina, and in Norlina, North Carolina. They collectively generate 1.5 megawatts of energy–capable of producing enough energy to power over 150 homes.

Less Waste Overall

Sunbrella ensures you are getting a product that lasts longer and needs to be replaced less often, ultimately creating less waste.

Recycle My Sunbrella Program

For more than 25 years, Sunbrella has recycled acrylic manufacturing waste and delivered it to partners who convert the materials into industrial products such as felt, automotive insulation, and filtration.

In 2010, they started the Recycle My Sunbrella program that allows domestic consumers to participate in our recycling process. This is a special take-back program that provides an alternative to disposal for fabric scraps, awning covers, boat covers, and upholstery fabric. Since the inception of the program, Recycle my Sunbrella has collected nearly one million pounds of fabric that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill.

Refresh Your Designs for the New Year

When the weather calls for patio lounging and cookouts, we’ve got you covered. Be it a modest balcony or spacious backyard, transform your outdoor space with Sunbrella fabrics to create your very own oasis. No matter how you enjoy the outdoors, Sunbrella outdoor fabrics make life comfortable. Sunbrella helps you get the look you want with fabrics tough enough to handle the elements and still comfortable enough to spend hours on your patio relaxing.

New Year, New Backyard You

Bring beauty and style to your patio or deck with Sunbrella outdoor fabrics. Whether you are choosing new patio furniture or looking to refresh your outdoor cushions and pillows, be inspired by our extensive selection of colors, patterns, and textures, making it easy to mix and match. Styles range from trend-forward, minimal and modern, to classic, vintage, and artisan-inspired with color options that span the spectrum. 

Browse our selection of fabrics here.

Sunbrella’s Certifications


Sunbrella upholstery fabrics are GREENGUARD certified for low chemical emissions, contributing to healthy indoor air quality.

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management

The Anderson manufacturing facility has been third-party verified to meet the ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard, an international standard for organizations to reduce their environmental impact.


Most Sunbrella upholstery fabrics have been tested in an independent laboratory to verify they do not contain harmful substances according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

The WAIT Program

Sunbrella understands the importance of conserving the natural environment. The Anderson, SC facility participates in the statewide WAIT (Wildlife and Industry Together) program, conserving the plant and animal life surrounding the facility. Additionally, through tree planting, habitat restoration, Adopt-A-Highway cleanups, and planting gardens, all Sunbrella associates become involved in conserving wildlife at our facilities.

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