Product Warranty

Product Warranty

FTC Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act: A Federal Law that governs consumer product warranties… requires sellers & manufacturers of consumer products to provide detailed written information about the warranty coverage.

The products covered by this warranty are your property. Upon expiration of the specific limited warranties provided herein, all repairs of the equipment will be the buyer’s responsibility. Charges apply for any repairs not covered by this Limited Warranty. These product warranties apply from the purchase, except that no product warranty will be in force if buyer shall have failed to pay the entire contracted purchase price, strictly according to the terms of the contract between the parties. This warranty protects the original purchaser only, registration is not required.

Limited Warranty

Your awnings or screens have been designed & manufactured to provide a high level of performance. Accent Awnings believes in the experienced craftsmanship that goes into each of its sun control products & is proud to offer this Warranty. We suggest you read it thoroughly. Should you have any questions, please contact the Accent Service Department. Warranty claims do not extend the warranty Original term.

Product Category And How Long It Is Covered

Fabric & Thread Crank/Motors Electronics Arms Extrusions Labor
Elite Retractable Awnings 10 yr. 5 yr. 5 yr. 20 yr. 10 yr. 5 yr.
Uni-Lux Retractable Awnings 10 yr. 5 yr. 5 yr. 7 yr. 10 yr. 5 yr.
Econo-Lux Retractable Awnings 5 yr. 5 yr. 5 yr. 5 yr. 5 yr. 5 yr.
Retractable Window Awnings 10 yr. 5 yr. 5 yr. 5 yr. 10 yr. 5 yr.
Fixed Awnings 10 yr. N/A N/A N/A 10 yr. 5 yr.
Drop Shade Systems 10 yr. 5 yr. 5 yr. N/A 10 yr. 5 yr.
Fire Rated Awning Fabric 5 yr. 2 yr.

What is Covered?

This product warranty covers all defects in materials during the warranty period (specified above, except otherwise limited herein). Factory workmanship is warranted during the warranty period if the product is returned to the factory. In the event products must be repaired in the field, and the product is within our direct field service area, the field labor will be provided free of charge for a period of 5 years from date of purchase. If the product is returned to the factory for repair within the warranty period it must be sent transportation prepaid. Accent will fix the equipment or parts, if we choose to replace the equipment or parts we may replace it with reconditioned or equivalent items similar in type and quality. Sunbrella acrylic fabrics are warranted against excessive fading, mildew or rot. Other fabrics carry the express written warranties of their manufacturer.

Warranty History: 2006: Thread upgraded to 5-yr. 2009” Sunbrella® & TEFLON thread upgraded from 5-yr to 10-yr limited warranty; pro-rated the last 2-yrs., 2015: 5-yr limited Labor Warranty

What is Not Covered?

  1. Damage caused by accident, negligence, filth, water pooling, misuse, abuse, alteration, failure to follow instructions, improper operation, civil disorder, windstorm, salt build up, rainstorm, fire, flood, earthquakes, and other acts of God, or failure to provide a reasonable degree of maintenance, lack of regular cleaning or any other condition over which Accent has no control
  2. Damage resulting from repair or attempted repair by someone other than an authorized service representative
  3. Holes in the fabric caused by mildew (Mildew may form on the fabric if it is not maintained in a clean condition)
  4. Minor color changes in the fabric due to ultraviolet rays
  5. Installation damage caused by poor mounting surfaces, such as: wood rot, stucco condition, uneven surfaces, unusual painting or surface coating
  6. The cost of loss of time, loss of use, or any consequential or incidental damages, or outside labor
  7. Damage / deterioration to any fabric or valance caused by its contact or rubbing against other materials or objects
  8. Labor costs and or transportation costs outside of Accent’s direct service area, Dealer Orders or for self-installed products within the warranty period

What is Limited?

  1. Valance & Binding are subject to fraying as the result of interaction with their environment, the warranty is limited to one Year
  2. Vari-Valance, Vari-Pitch components and crank handles have a warranty limited to two years
  3. Installation and the electrical hook-up, if done by Accent, carries a warranty limited to five years
  4. Adjustment to or replacement of nuts, bolts, plastic caps, cradle belts, etc. is limited to a period of two years
  5. Powder Coating & is warranted against excessive peeling for a period of two years
  6. Damage due to Powder Coating failure for a period of two years
  7. Specially Fabrics, Vinyl Fabrics & Fire Rated Fabrics have warranties that vary, and are covered under the individual warranty terms of the supplier

What We Will Pay For

We will pay for factory labor & materials required to repair items meeting warranty criteria during the warranty period as mentioned above.

State Law Rights

Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts and/or do not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential or incidental damages, so the above exclusions or limitations may not apply to you. This warranty applies without any registration & is only valid to the original purchaser and/or homeowner.

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