Sun-Pro Shade System

Accent's Sun-Pro is our heavy duty drop shade system. The Sun-Pro allows you to instantly extend your homes outdoor living area by turning seldom used patio space into a cool, comfortable entertaining area.

Sun Pro Drop Shade

Accent's own factory-built Sun-Pro is the company's heavy duty drop shade system. Built for larger areas such as patio lattice structures, stucco overhangs, entrance ways, and generally any opening in which the tracks can be mounted vertically. The Sun-Pro's streamline 5" box and larger roller tube allow widths up to 25 feet and heights up to 18 feet. Our heavy duty boxed drop shade is leading the way with the most extensive options and applications in the industry. Hardware colors are available in brown, cream or white.

The Sun-Pro solar screening systems are manufactured using corrosion resistant materials such as extruded aluminum, powder coating, and specially reinforced synthetic components. Attention to detail and quality control are critical prerequisites in the fabrication of the Sun-Pro. Each screen is custom built to the opening requirement.