Retractable Awnings

Elite Retractable Patio Awnings

Elite Retractable Patio Awning

The Elite, Accent's premium level retractable awning system, is the most superior roll out awning of its kind on the market today. The Elite retractable patio awning is built using the highest quality materials. Engineered for superior versatility, durability and elegance, the Elite retractable patio awning series can do it all. With the ability to span widths from 6 feet up to 80 feet, and with six projections ranging from 5 feet to a maximum of 13 feet, it's easy to see why the Elite retractable awning is the most popular roll out awning we offer. 20 Year Limited Arm Warranty

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Elite Cassette Retractable Roll Out Awnings

Elite Cassette Premier Retractable Patio Awning Series

The Elite Cassette is a premium class retractable Elite awning with the added benefit of a protective enclosure. This unique retractable awning system encloses the fabric in a powder-coated extruded aluminum designer housing. With its attractive cassette construction this product is ideal for customers who wish to provide additional protection for their patio awnings and canopies when not extended for long periods of time. When you purchase an Elite Cassette retractable awning you gain a fully protected product that you never have to worry about. 20 Year Limited Arm Warranty

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Uni-Lux Retractable Patio Awnings

Uni-Lux Retractable Awnings

The more you look around the more you will agree that all retractable patio awnings simply are not created equal. The Uni-Lux, Accent's intermediate level retractable awning, without sacrificing quality, is constructed to be superior to other roll out awnings in its category. Ideal for the cost conscious customer the Uni-Lux retractable awning is custom-made to order, and is built in the same factory and by the same professionals who build our elite awnings . The acrylic fabric is available in a tasteful selection of stock colors. 7 Year Limited Arm Warranty

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Econo-Lux Retractable Patio Awnings

Econo-Lux Roll Out Awnings

The Econo-Lux awning is a "Ready-Made" product that is the ideal solution for those with a need for a quality exterior shading system or patio cover that is nonetheless economical. The Econo-Lux patio canopy is offered in pre-manufactured frame sizes and in four standard fabric colors. This standardization lowers production costs and the savings are then passed along to you without having to sacrifice on quality. 5 Year Limited Arm Warranty

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