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About Somfy Awning Motor Systems, Inc


Somfy is the world's leading manufacturer of specialized retractable awning motors and awning electronics for retractable awnings, exterior shades, interior shades, and other electrical exterior roll-up applications for the home. All electronics are tested for compliance with specific electricity standards for buildings as well as performance standards defined by Somfy.

For more than three decades, engineers at Somfy have been designing quality, high-performance awning electronics and awning motors that provide you with the best possible solution for comfort, convenience, shading and extra living space. A Somfy awning motor can put a home in motion at the touch of a button or automatically ... Electronics that make life easier and more enjoyable in Southern California and Las Vegas.

Headquartered in Cranbury, New Jersey, Somfy Systems manufactures and distributes awning motors and awning electronics products for the North American market, which includes the United States and Canada. From a distribution perspective, Somfy Systems has earned a reputation for being the most professional, responsive and service-oriented company in the industry. It's no surprise that Somfy Systems has a broad base of highly qualified customers throughout North America, including Accent Awnings, who have integrated Somfy awning motors and awning electronics into their product lines to provide the consumer with the best possible solution for shading, security, comfort and convenience.