Elite Retractable Awnings

The Elite Awning system is the most superior retractable awning on the market today. With it’s the rugged durability, superior fabric and comfortable solar protection, this custom retractable awning series can do it all.

Elite Retractable Patio Awnings

"the most superior retractable awning on the market"

The Elite Awning system is, without fail, the most superior awning of its kind on the market today. The Elite retractable patio awning is always built using the highest quality materials. Engineered for superior versatility, durability and elegance, the Elite retractable patio awning series can do it all. With the ability to span widths from 6 ft. up to 80 feet, and with six projections ranging from 5 feet to a maximum of 13 feet, it’s easy to see why the Elite retractable awning is the most popular awning we offer.

Accent’s Elite Retractable Patio Awning is offered with a wide range of options including protective hoods, multiple hardware colors, a vertical drop valance, a convenient slope adjustment system, a heavy duty arm support, as well as numerous wireless operating choices. All of these options allow you to customize the Elite retractable patio awning to meet your shading needs.

The Elite retractable patio awning, unlike a wood patio cover, extends and retracts to any position, and does so without unsightly posts that block your view. The retractable nature of the Elite allows you to control your outdoor environment with a hand crank or at the touch of a switch. Warming sun when you want it, or cooling shade when you need it, all at your finger tips. Since its introduction, almost 30 years ago, the Elite has left thousands of homeowners wondering how they ever lived without it.