Econo-Lux Retractable Awning

The ECONO-LUX Retractable Awning is the economical solution for those in need of quality retractable shade. This ready-made retractable awning system will assure years of trouble-free operation with all the advantages of a superior awning at a superior price.

Econo-Lux Retractable Awning

The ECONO-LUX Awning is a "Ready-Made" product that is the ideal solution for those with a need for a quality exterior shading system that is nonetheless economical. The ECONO-LUX is offered in pre-manufactured frame sizes and in four standard fabric colors. This standardization lowers production costs and these savings are then passed along to you without having to sacrifice on quality.

The ECONO-LUX Awning system for your home or office will lower incoming radiant heat by as much as 23% (California Energy Report). With electricity costs being what they are today, the ECONO-LUX by Accent Awnings can pay for itself in a very few short years.

The ECONO-LUX Awning System will assure years of trouble free service at a price that is sure to please even the most cost conscious consumer.

Available Fabric Colors