Elite Double awning installed Santa Ana CA

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    Our Products
    Elite Retractable Patio Awnings circle

    The Elite Retractable Awning is built using the highest quality materials and engineered for versatility, durability and elegance.

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    front view of a houses glass doors with new retractable awning santa ana ca
    Elite Cassette

    The Elite Cassette Retractable Awning provides a unique system featuring the added benefit of a protective fabric enclosure.

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    Uni Lux Retractable Awning circle

    The Uni-Lux, our mid-level retractable awning, is ideal for the cost-conscious customer and doesn’t compromise on quality.

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    Econo Lux Retractable Awnings circle

    The Econo-Lux offers a “ready-made” solution for those in need of a quality exterior shading system that’s also economical.

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    Robusta Retractable Window Awning circle

    The Robusta, our Retractable Window Awning, can cover all or part of your window to provide unparalleled shade and privacy.

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    Riviera Stationary Awning circle

    The Riviera is an economical yet classic stationary awning in the traditional sense of taste and style and our most popular fixed awning that is simple and cost effective.

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    Spear Decorative Stationary Awning circle
    Spear & Decorative

    The Spear and Decorative awnings, inspired by a combination of French and Italian themes enhance the appearance of both classic and contemporary homes.

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    close up of a dome awning installed above a window santa ana ca

    The Dome style awning can be customized to match various architectural contours such as rounded windows or recessed arches.

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    close up of a stationary awning installed above a glass door santa ana ca

    The Orleans style awning, reminiscent of the fixed awnings in the city of New Orleans, offers instant curb appeal to an otherwise simple door or window.

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    Sun Pro Drop Shade circle

    The Sun-Pro is the company’s heavy-duty drop shade system built for larger openings such as sliding doors, stucco overhangs, entrance ways or any opening in which the tracks can be mounted vertically.

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    front view of an outdoor roller shade installed on a door santa ana ca
    Sun-Pro Jr.

    The Sun-Pro Jr. is our smaller version of the original Sun-Pro system perfect for openings up to 10 feet wide and 10 feet high.

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    patio roller shades installed in a houses backyard santa ana ca

    Since 1979, the Patio-Pro drop shade remains the most popular exterior rolling shade we offer and perfect for openings that need a versatile track system.

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