How Accent Awnings® Has Outlasted Over 40 Years of Fashions and Fads

It’s often difficult to analyze the factors behind one’s own success. But if we may be so bold, we believe one of the main advantages of purchasing from Accent Awnings® is the fact that the customer is able to work directly with the manufacturer. There’s no “middleman” or dealer or even a separate installer at Accent Awnings®. Customers are able to deal directly with the brand and the people who know it best. 

What makes Accent Awnings’® Sunbrella® fabrics so dependable and functional?

The manufacturing facilities for Sunbrella® fabric are unparalleled: its one-million-sq.-ft. plant in Anderson, South Carolina, features a completely vertical ISO 9001 and 14001-certified manufacturing operation, R&D center and testing lab.

Certified New Generation Sunbrella® awning fabrics are made using our revolutionary Advanced Automated Sewing Guidance System (AASGS), which perfectly aligns seams while outputting an amazing 2,260 stitches per minute. This Italian-crafted technology ensures the highest quality awning production in California.

Our Advanced Automated Cutting System (AACS) ensures each fabric panel is cut laser-straight and sealed perfectly. Most other awning companies imperfectly hand-cut their fabrics with a hot-knife or scissors along an imperfectly marked line using a large ruler and a grease pencil.

In addition to quality craftsmanship, a number of features are included:

Fade-Resistant UV Protection

Durable Sunbrella® fibers are saturated to the core with color and UV stabilized pigments, ensuring lasting fade-resistance, regardless of the environment. 

Stain and Water Resistance

Sunbrella® fabrics are engineered with built-in stain and moisture resistance. With a protective finish that won’t wash away, even with regular use, Sunbrella® fabrics deliver comfortable confidence.

Mold and Mildew Resistance

All Sunbrella® fabrics are resistant to mold and mildew. In the event mold or mildew occur from exposure to the elements, simply spot clean with a bleach light concentration of solution per the Sunbrella® stain chart. 

High Cleanability, Low Maintenance

Sunbrella® guarantees the ultimate in cleanability and easy maintenance, thereby providing more time to enjoy the outdoors. When a mess happens, simply blot with a clean dry cloth and use mild soap and warm water to remove. Tougher spills can be safely cleaned with a bleach light concentration of solution per the Sunbrella® stain chart. 

Made with unsurpassed quality and long-lasting performance, Sunbrella® fabrics are available in over 100 colors, textures, patterns & stripes. All are easy to clean and fade resistant, so you can be assured your awning will look beautiful for many years to come.

A reliable awning fabric deserves a well-built frame

Although natural materials such as wood may look stylish in an awning frame, such materials can be easily damaged or broken. What’s more, they can wear and tear easily and may be highly flammable. 

The most durable material for use in awning frames is metal, which offers strong protection from rain, fire, strong wind, and even fallen branches. There are many different reliable metals used to construct awning frames depending on the type of awning you are searching for. 

Accent Awnings’® manufactures retractable awnings with framework customized to your specifications and made with durable, powder coated aluminum. Additional options are available like protective hoods, multiple hardware colors, vertical drop valances, a convenient slope adjustment, heavy-duty arm support, as well as numerous wired and wireless operating choices. 

Accent Awnings’® manufactures stationary awnings with framework also customized to your specifications and made with durable, powder coated stainless steel or aluminum. Accent stationary awnings are manufactured in many shapes and sizes with 30+ powder coated frame colors available to choose from and over 100 Sunbrella® fabric selections. 

Somfy® awning motors and controllers

Accent Awnings uses Somfy® motors and control accessories, which offer a variety of controls to suit your personal preference. 

Somfy’s® innovations automate and connect shades, blinds, draperies, awnings, exterior screens and pergolas for commercial and residential buildings in 58 countries across the globe. With 170+ million motors produced over the last half century, Somfy® is committed to creating reliable and sustainable solutions that promote the best way of living and well-being for all. 

Awnings powered by Somfy® instantly transform your deck into a cool, comfortable outdoor living space. Add sun and wind sensors to automatically react to changing weather conditions to protect the fabric. 

Somfy® motorized exterior screens and solar shades absorb heat, reduce glare and let you enjoy the outdoors comfortably. These expertly designed motors offer ease of operation to effortlessly adjust hard-to-reach window coverings or multiple shades as a group. Motorization also eliminates dangling cords, protecting family and pets from a potentially dangerous situation. Somfy® offers a five-year warranty on all motors and controls. 

About Somfy® Motor Systems, Inc

For more than three decades, engineers at Somfy® have been designing quality, high-performance awning electronics and awning motors that provide you with the best possible solution for comfort, convenience, shading and extra living space. A Somfy® awning motor can put a home in motion at the touch of a button or automatically … Electronics that make life easier and more enjoyable in Southern California.

Headquartered in Cranbury, New Jersey, Somfy® Systems manufactures and distributes awning motors and awning electronics products for the North American market, which includes the United States and Canada. From a distribution perspective, Somfy® Systems has earned a reputation for being the most professional, responsive and service-oriented company in the industry. 

Starting your awning-shopping search

As you begin the search process of finding the right type of awning, take a look at the customer reviews online. You may also want to note the longevity of not only the company, but the loyalty of both its employees and customers. 

We should point out that employee retention remains high at Accent Awnings®, with staff members who have been with the company for 30+ years, as well as loyal, repeat customers who have been coming back for just as long. 

After many decades in business, we’re gratified that our customers have come to rely on Accent Awnings’® track record of dependable warrant support and quality service—even beyond the term of the warranty itself. 

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