How to Plan for Your Backyard Custom Awning

This year has been one for the record books in so many ways. One business area that saw incredible growth was the home improvement and backyard furnishing industry. Due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic that has plagued 2020, the majority of people spent more time at home this year than ever before. As a result, people found the time and excuse to upgrade their homes for maximum comfort. This was especially true for outdoor patio and backyard upgrades since that was the most outdoor space people had safe access to.

Maintaining Your Awning: Fabric Care

Owning an awning is an investment. Whether you have chosen a retractable awning or a stationary unit, know that awning ownership comes with initial upfront costs, but also has ongoing maintenance costs. These upkeep costs will vary from model to model, but your initial investment is absolutely worth protecting over the long term. It is undoubtedly cheaper to protect your awning investment with regular maintenance rather than have to replace it every couple of years.

Window Shades and Awning Fun Facts

Have you ever woken up with the sun in your eyes? Have you ever gotten soaked from waiting in the rain? Window awnings and shades could've prevented those annoyances. Unfortunately, we tend to take these silent protectors for granted. What better way to show our appreciation for these window wonders than with some fun facts? Read on to learn some fascinating, historical, and practical facts about shades and awnings.

15 Wonderful Outdoor Shade Ideas for Your Home

When the warm weather arrives, we naturally want to be outdoors as much as possible. We dust off the patio furniture, pull the barbecue grill back on the deck, and prepare for a season under the sun. The only problem? That sun can get pretty sweltering! Whether you want to block the rays, beat the heat or simply create a cozy ambiance for friends, family, and pets, outdoor shade solutions are a must. Today, we're sharing 15 ways you can turn your space into a comfortable gathering spot you'll want to hang out in all summer long. Ready to learn more? Let's get started!

What Are Retractable Window Awnings and How Do They Compare to Other Forms of Exterior Shade?

We've put together some quick basics on window awnings. Keep reading to learn what awnings are, how retractable window awnings work to bring you that beloved shade, and how they compare to other home options for shade. Then, get started finding the right awnings for you so you can bring on the shade and your cool at-home oasis in style. 

Saving Money & Energy with Awnings

Awnings are essentially supplemental fabric covers that are useful for controlling intense heat and sun exposure occurring outdoors and indoors. There are retractable awnings as well as stationary awnings, drop shades and canopies. Wood, vinyl, and aluminum are some of the materials that are used for manufacturing awnings but are outdated, costly & require a higher degree of maintenance. A lot of home and business owners use awnings to cut down increasingly high home energy costs by decreasing their air conditioning needs.

Top Advantages of Awnings

Want to increase the resale value of your home by enhancing its beauty and safety in a cost-effective way? Then awnings are probably the best option your missing out on. Awnings are a valuable addition to any home and you will find a lot of choices when it comes to awning design and style. Many homeowners install awnings because they know awnings make a significant difference in how their home is seen by neighbors and those passing by. Still, a lot of homeowners are not familiar with awnings and don’t know the impressive advantages awnings can bring to their homes. This article talks about the same; highlighting some of the most popular awnings forms like retractable awning, window awning, door awning, deck awnings, metal awning and canopy.

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