Retractable Awnings

Accent Awnings offers custom retractable awnings to fit the needs of every customer. With over 150 different fabric/mesh styles and various forms of functionality you can create the shade you need.

Stationary Awnings

Accent Awnings provides different stationary awning models to fit your style and provide the best customer service in the industry. Contact us to speak to a trained awning professional about your stationary awning needs.

Retractable Window Awnings

With unique 165 degree range of motion retractable window awnings provide varying degrees of shade. Whether the sun is high in the sky or low on the horizon, control exactly how much sun enters your home.

Commercial Awnings

Our multiple locations allow us to service contractors looking for commercial awnings in a wide range of Counties & States in the Southwest. We are known as the only choice to fit your commercial awning needs.

Custom Awnings

Somfy is the world’s leading manufacturer of specialized retractable awning motors and awning electronics for retractable awnings, exterior shades, interior shades, and other electrical exterior roll-up applications for the home. All electronics are tested for compliance with specific electricity standards for buildings as well as performance standards defined by Somfy.

To learn more about retractable patio awnings, roll out awnings or roll up awnings at affordable price from Accent Awnings.